Biological Reasons For Dating And Fear

Geplaatst op 03-03-2023

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I am aware some of you will be singles of faith and I respect that: In that case you might want to head over to Christian mingle or Loveawake and get your advice from the forums – this article may not be for you.

So what do we really want out of this confusing thing called love relationships and dating? It seems so complicated and intricate and at times very frustrating.

You feel emotions that you never knew existed. Dating and sex can be amazing and then when the relationship breaks up your life is torn in two.

What do wome really want out of dating?

Women really want protection such that as a result they increase their survival and reproduction…

Many of use think that because we have evolved so quickly and technology has become part of our everyday lives that are brains are actually now used to this type of constant stimulation.

Because our children are now growing up with technology being the norm such as iphones and apps coming out of their ears they think that it was always the case…

The trouble with emotions (the drivers of everything we do) is that they evolved during a very different time in our evolutionary history.

Our emotions are designed to encourage us to take action or avoid certain dangerous situations. The problem with the current state of advancement is that our poor old emotion haven’t had time to evolve along with the latest technology.

Amazingly they are still able to let us know when we need to get off the dam couch (potentially anxiety) or think twice about talking to that girl at the bar (the fear of the approach)…

However sometimes our emotions can get a little confused and blow things WAY out of proportion… Nowadays everyone is a little less hostile than they used to be…

Thanks to technology it’s no longer only about survival. But more about advancement and growth using more complex emotions.

An emotion like fear can get a little confused – it’s thinking that if you approach this women you don’t know and get rejected…things could get really bad for you.

Another male who is currently her mate could try to fight you
Other people could see it and think less of you

This fear of approaching women is blown out of proportion fast…

If you are a gentlemen and don’t come across as too intimidating there is little chance that any women will do any of the above… Yet our fears paint terrible pictures of what could happen rather than what DOES happen.

Even the best pick up artists feel the fear of failure lingering over them… the secret is that they feel the fear and do it anyway.

They understand that the emotions they are feeling are irrational and discard them by taking action towards putting them in their place.

By approaching that women instead of lingering on the way side you learn a little more and grow a little more. Plus she might actually think you’re a great guy and want to talk more… Or she says she is not interested – no great loss.